NVC Evaluation Team

Faye Landey

Faye Landey

Everywhere you turn these days there are panaceas for almost any physical ailment, religious zealots promising everlasting life, and self-help books pouring off the shelves with solutions for discord and dilemmas. It got me wondering “what promises or solutions could NVC offer? And how can we trust the results of any of this?”

I originally put my “hat in the ring” of a life of NVC because of what it has personally done for me and my family in bringing harmony and dialogue even in moments of stress and despair. The resulting benefits inspired my wanting to help establish the statewide organization of GaNVC as well as seeking and attaining Certification status as a Trainer with the international Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Following participation in an 8-month program called Compassionate Leadership I knew I wanted to join that team with an emphasis to support others who want to create a life of compassion, caring, and consideration. Currently my attention is also moving to the spiritual components of NVC, and toward that goal a new initiative has emerged to enhance the natural state of humankind for Compassionate Communication within religious organizations.

Locally, my Atlanta based office is now open for mediation, mentoring, community building and workshops for learning and growth for harmonious living.

Coming from a scientific background, I’ve continued to wonder if the practice of NVC has any empirical value that would stand up to scientific evaluation. So when Mark and Cynthia invited me to join the EVAL Team to continue their work with the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in studying the effectiveness of NVC, I wanted to jump right in and work with them. And I am glad I did.

My hope is that you will find support from the results of our studies for your efforts in spreading NVC consciousness.