NVC Evaluation Overview


In 2009, Mark Feinknopf and Cynthia Moe of Sacred Space Inc, were yearning for data that would quantify the profound and transformative possibility that Nonviolent Communication consciousness can provide in peoples’ lives. They collaborated with a student team from Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health to begin building such data. That effort laid the groundwork for an actual science-based study to happen in the future.

In 2010, when one of those students, Jane Branscomb, wanted to continue exploration of the efficacy of NVC for her PhD project, Mark and Cynthia invited Faye Landey and Jeff Joslin to join their team and, voila’, the Atlanta EVAL Team was born.

Team Members

The Atlanta EVAL Team’s work

During early 2010 the four of us wrote a six-hour NVC basics course that we called Collaborative Communication. We offered Certified Trainers worldwide the opportunity to deliver this course and encourage collection of feedback via the internet survey that Jane distributed and later analyzed. We had 8 facilitators and 7 workshops (9 Facilitators and 8 workshops if we count the test workshop – data was not used from that one.) The course was delivered to 108 participants, in these locations:

We’re grateful to them all.

2011’s efforts were focused on more qualitative-focused data collection in companionship with Emory students Rashunda Lewis, Monique Martin, and Molly Burleson. Responses were gathered from 80 participants via electronic survey and from 9 who gathered in a focus group.

Findings to Date

The results of both studies (2010, 2011) offer valuable evidence for what we NVC-enthusiasts know – Nonviolent Communication application can and does enhance our ability to:

Enjoy the findings we share on this page and use the links to the full studies, should you want to delve into it more.

Current Focus

This year our team is focusing on creating a Press Packet related to these studies and disseminating this information as broadly as possible — in the hope of expanding NVC consciousness worldwide. If you can help by including links to this information on websites, in articles, in newsletters, in your own PR, etc, please do so — we did it all for you.

PR Templates

For your use, we offer these PR templates (in .doc format):


For more information, please contact us at info at sacredspaceinc.com.