NVC Practice Groups

These are NVC practice groups meeting or forming in Georgia. Some groups welcome newcomers at any time. Others may only be open to new people at a later date, or may have limited sizes. We invite you to contact the people listed below for more information.

If you need assistance finding a group that suits your needs, please contact our local group coordinator, Cynthia Moe, at cynthia at sacredspaceinc.com, or 678-438-3331.

Atlanta Area

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Couples Coaching and Groups

Monthly Relationship Group now ongoing and open to couples wanting to deepen their intimacy and connection and to reinforce their communication skills. Meets one night monthly 7:30–9:00 pm by group consent.

Cynthia Moe, cynthia at SacredSpaceInc.com
Decatur Area
Contact Lucinda, lucinda at bellsouth.net
Dunwoody Area
Ongoing weekly leaderful practice group, Fridays Noon–3:00, 2406 Mt Vernon Road, Suite 160
Contact LeAnne McDaniel, leannemcdaniel at gmail.com
Emory Area
Contact Carolyn Steinhaus, carolyn.steinhaus at comcast.net
Marietta Area
The Unitarian Church offers an ongoing group that is open to members.
Contact Carolyn Steinhaus, carolyn.steinhaus at comcast.net
Parenting Coaching and Groups
Contact Sherri Boles-Rogers, sbratlanta at hotmail.com
Restorative Circle training for business and community groups
Contact Mark Feinknopf, mark at sacredspaceinc.com

Groups Outside the Atlanta Area

Ongoing Parenting group that is currently closed to newcomers
For general Athens area information: Contact Aline Robolin, alineyrobolin at yahoo.com